Study In UK


United Kingdom, also known as Great Britain, has a population of 65.54 million (2018). UK being the worlds’ 3rd Largest Economy has many opportunities for people of all age groups, backgrounds and cultures. London, the capital of UK is also its largest city, also called the Worlds’ cultural capital. London has a diverse range of people and cultures and more than 300 languages are spoken within its boundaries.

Universities in UK are more focused on developing skills & attributes which are in high demand from employers worldwide – attributes such as creativity, innovation, teamwork and leadership and exposure of students to the multi-cultural environment, which is conducive for learning and self-development. Great academic atmosphere and the presence of some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the UK make it one of the most favored education destinations in all of Europe. The UK also boasts of a rich and old cultural heritage.

British higher education and qualifications have an impressive international reputation, with students in the United Kingdom encouraged to develop their potential while enjoying a full social life. There are 109 universities and university colleges in England out of a total of around 130 in the United Kingdom. 38,000 courses from archaeology to zoology is all provided. Studying in the UK will help you develop excellent language skills. English language is of crucial importance in today’s global business arena. Most UK universities offer language support to international students, but institutions have their own criteria for the level of English that students need to master. UK universities are inspected regularly to ensure that they uphold the high standards of teaching, learning and research set by the Government. The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) is the key body charged with maintaining these standards.


The cultural diversity of life in British higher education is unrivalled. From cosmopolitan cities like London, Cardiff, Belfast and Glasgow, to historic counties like Warwickshire and Yorkshire, the UK is a place of contrasts and culture, where ancient buildings sit alongside contemporary architecture.

Undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the UK tend to be shorter than in other countries which can help to keep the cost of tuition fees and living expenses down. Most undergraduate courses take three years to complete, although in Scotland it would be typically four years and postgraduate courses can be from one year upwards. Typically, international students are allowed to work for up to 20 hours a week during term time and full-time during holidays. If you are from an EU country, there will be even more flexibility. Full details about the conditions for working are on the UK Border Agency website. One needs the assistance of expert and knowledgeable UK / British Council trained educational consultants to help navigate through the admission and visa application process. With our Own Office based in UK with immensely capable Team being led by our Director Mr Hari Karki who is also one of the best professional British Council Trained Agent, is ever ready to assist you in your coming days in UK. We are only 1 of the Nepalese Education Consultancy which is fully functional and operational in UK.