Study In Denmark


A highly efficient and streamlined country, Denmark has a reputation for academic excellence.

Partner this with the beautiful scenery and high quality public services, and you have a fantastic destination for international students.

Why Study in Denmark?

With higher education institutions dating back to 1479, Denmark has a history of providing education. There are five types of institutions in Denmark. These are universities, university colleges, artistic higher education institutions, schools of maritime education and training, and business academics. Universities offer bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programmes in a wide variety of subjects. University colleges offer vocational professional courses, preparing students to go into a career. Artistic institutions are specialist schools offering art and design courses. Maritime education and training institutions offer research and practice focused courses. Business academies offer two year Academy Profession programmes and Professional Bachelor’s degrees. Denmark follows the Bologna Process, so the degree you earn at a Danish institution will be internationally recognised.

There are 8 universities in Denmark, as well as many other higher education institutions. You will find 5 of Denmark’s universities in the 2019 QS World University Rankings top 500. The highest ranked is the University of Copenhagen, which is placed at 79th. The next highest ranked is the Technical University of Denmark, which is placed at 112th.